Sigurd A. Rislov was an outstanding and distinguished university educator, from Iowa. He had a keen interest to assist those who pursue a classical music education. He loved teaching music and wished to help others realize their dreams. Prior to his death in 1977, Dr. Rislov prepared a trust to provide a pathway for eligible students and organizations to achieve excellence in the pursuit of classical music. This trust required the establishment of a charitable education fund.

Since 1998, the Rislov Foundation has been supporting individual students and non-profit groups. We have given away more than one million dollars to dozens of individuals and organizations, since our inception. The foundation awards exceptional classical musicians/vocalists who demonstrate promise. Classical music, as opposed to jazz, modern, rock and dance, is our emphasis. Our Board of Directors meets regularly to review all applicants and select award recipients.


Our organization includes one administrator, three permanent board members and our portfolio manager, entrusted to grow our portfolio so that we may continue to provide financial assistance to individuals and groups in support of the advancement of classical music long into the future.

The board consists of Sue Ann Savas, Zachary Savas and Paul A. Tucci who meet several times per year to review and approve meritorious applications.